January 26, 2015

Winter: Skincare Survival Essentials

Oh Winter, the driest and coldest season is havoc on my skin. My skin is at it's most sensitive so I constantly change up my products. However, I find that oils are my best friend with the help of a few other skincare products.
Since, I travel for work my skincare regime changes not only according to the Winter season but I also have to think about climate change. My skincare needs on that particular day (and time zone) could drastically change. Here are a few favourites for the Winter and are travel friendly:
Evie Lovingly Toning Rose Water-$39
This toner is simple in ingredients but effective. After cleansing, I swipe with a cotton pad. After, I spritz my face and while still damp I apply my facial oils.(A tip I was taught by Marnie Cipriani of Pelle Beauty). Also, amazing as a facial spray for in-flight.
Pelle Beauty Luxe Beauty Oil-$68
A MUST-HAVE for dry, cold, and dehydrating conditions. I received a sample of this back in the Summer and although slightly too rich for the hot weather this is perfect now for Winter. With no fail, everytime I apply this in the morning underneath makeup people always state how glowing my skin looks. Even a famous Toronto makeup-artist complimented my skin. Above I mentioned Marnie Cipriani, the woman behind the brand Pelle Beauty. I met Marnie back in the Summer and as we were talking facial oils I never realized I was doing the oils all wrong. Apply a spritz of a toner, hydrosol or even just water, while the skin is still damp apply a few drops of oil. Oils are evenly spread, less is needed and absorbs into the skin better. The Luxe Beauty Oil is one of four oils that Pelle Beauty makes. This is the richest in formula of the four: Omega 3's and vitamin E are just a couple of ingredients in this fabulous oil.
Pixi Glow Tonic-£18
A cult favourite among beauty bloggers and editors this is THE toner on every beauty junkies wishlist. And with good reason! Always sold out, only available online or in-stores in the U.K. It's no wonder I made it my mission on my last London layover to buy a bottle. No jet-lag can stop this beauty blogger. An exfoliating toner that gets rid of those Winter flakes. I like that it doesn't stink or sting like other glycolic toners. I already notice smoother skin and even tone.
Myra Aso Marula Jojoba Facial Serum-$36.50
This is the perfect serum for those that are oily to combination as it doesn't feel heavy at all. So, if you've been scared to try facial oils before this is a perfect intro. What I love about this oil is that it's light and not thick so easy to spread. I don't even have to pre-spritz with my rose water (above). I met the owner, Myra, at a show I was doing representing Ele & Ela (my baby bibs and pouch business) and of course we talked beauty products!
Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly-$24.99
A hyaluronic acid based jelly that is a must for hydration this Winter. I loved the serum version and this jelly version was released last year. You can combine the two for maximum hydration but not necessary. I like to use this as an extra step when I travel.

What are your Winter skincare must-haves?

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