June 23, 2015

The Bees have checked-in at the Fairmont Hotel

Get a room! Well, that's exactly what the bees had in mind and thankfully Fairmont Hotel and Resorts has set up a Bee Hotel on their rooftops. June is Pollinator Month! And without pollinator insects humans would cease to exist. Our diet depends on bees or our food would just consist of bland starchy foods and wind-pollinated cereal grains.

In 2014, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts in partnership with Burt's Bees Canada created a partnership Wild For Bees to create a safe place for bees. In order to better their chances of survival Fairmont Hotels across Canada have installed 16 unique built bee hotels on their rooftops. Anyone can create a bee hotel in their backyard. For a DIY bee hotel you can make with the kids this Summer here is a step by step. Now, I know what your thinking? Are you crazy, no way I am putting a bee hotel in the backyard. Bee Hotels will attract solitary pollinator bees, which means they often times have difficulty finding solitary safe homes. Solitary pollinator bees are small, hard to notice bees that are busy gathering food and taking care of their eggs. Versus social bees like honeybees and bumblebees who work in colonies like a hive.

"Pollination is a beautiful thing, and as an all-natural beauty company, we want to help ensure that we safeguard our natural world. We couldn't be more thrilled to continue working as a team with Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and other partners to build bee hotels across Canada, all in the name of bee health."-Carolyn Hungate of Burt's Bees Canada

To build further awareness and raise funds for the Wild For Bees project, Burt's Bees has launched the limited-edition The Honeymoon Suite kit. Which is available online at Burtsbees.ca and The Fairmont Store at the Fairmont Royal York for the month of June. Nation-wide available in July at Burt's Bees vendors. Retail $14.99 CDN


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