December 03, 2015

My son's eczema routine: skincare

Lately, my son's eczema has flared up big time. Of course the change of weather doesn't help. He has had eczema since he was an infant but this Summer it finally went away once I changed up his milk to grass-fed milk (I know something so simple) it disappeared but once the cold weather rolled in I noticed it came back. I realized that once I switched to his Winter coat, the polyester in the coat really made his skin red and irritated. I tried everything! A few treatments that worked before just didn't seem like they were working this time around. 
So, I turned to the expert dermatologist Dr. Paul Cohen. Here are a few questions I asked the doctor.

  1. Now, with the colder weather what are some skincare / body care tips you can offer?

First and foremost, as the colder weather starts, everyone should find the best products that work for your skin.  You’ll need a gentle cleanser, one that is more moisturizing than the ones people tend to use in the summer, when the skin tends to be oilier. I’ll say it once, and you’ll likely find me saying it again, but creating an everyday moisturizing regimen is one of the most important and beneficial routines you can do for your skin in the colder weather. You will need to moisturize more often, I recommend two times a day and make sure to lock in moisture right after a warm (not hot!) shower, to help lock in moisture. Make sure your showers are short because long showers will dry out skin. Adding a humidifier to your bedroom will also help keep skin hydrated.

  1. Although I don't suffer from eczema, my two year old son is experiencing red and itchy skin. What are some products I can use?
The best thing you can do for your son is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Moisturizing frequently will help replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier and help red and itchy skin under control. Any moisturizer you choose should be loaded with ingredients that help keep moisture in your skin like glycerin, ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which are just a few examples. The Aveeno Eczema Care line uses both ceramides and oats that help lock in moisture and helps prevent dry skin. Ceramides are fat molecules that help to improve the skin’s moisture barrier, increase skin hydration and prevent the skin from getting irritated. Also look for ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, which can help soothe your son’s skin and reduce itching. These ingredients help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier to aid in the prevention and recurrence of irritated, extra dry skin.

  1. Do you recommend the same products for both adult and children with regards to eczema? Or is there a product more specific for children?
You can use baby products on adults, but I would recommend using children’s products on children, as they are typically formulated to be mild enough on baby’s delicate skin. In terms of eczema, all products that target the condition specifically tend to be mild enough for most delicate skin.

Thank you Dr. Paul Cohen!
*Take into account that my son's routine is what works for me. These are products that I sourced and find work and not medical advice the dermatologist advised specifically for me. 
Morning & after Bathtime: Derma E Psorzema Creme
Mid-morning & mid-afternoon: Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream (I had this on hand but I am looking to purchase the Kiehls Baby Nurturing Baby Cream)
Nap-Time: I only apply the Polysporin Kids Cream if he's been scratching so hard that it has bled. Only occasionally!

Let me know if there are products you find work in treating your child's eczema.


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