December 09, 2016

Blend & Boost: personalized skincare

Not all skin is created equal. I was recently asked to review Blend & Boost a customized skincare system with your needs in mind. Eureka! Why did a system like this take so long to hit the mainstream market? It just makes sense. Yes, we all tend to fall under a skincare category. However, within those categories our skincare needs differ. The Blend & Boost concept was created with the traditional apothecary methods in mind. Customized blends based on your own needs created by a pharmaceutical company, Medisca, backed with more than twenty-five years of research. Only available through your healthcare provider or medical spa.
Through your healthcare provider or skincare specialist; your skin is evaluated and a custom blend is determined. How does it work exactly?
Skincare Base: there are five cream based bases (depending on your skincare needs)
Boosters: of the sixteen boosters up to three boosters are added to the base to form your own personalized skincare cream.
Your final skincare cream is based on an evaluation that you conducted with your healthcare provider. Within a few days your custom blend will arrive at your house.
For my personal blend; my concerns were aging combination skin prone to clogged pores.
My final cream: base = LAB (Light Anti-Aging Cream Base for normal to oily skin)
Boosters = 5-12 (#5 SNAP-8 Solution C is a booster for fine line) & (#12 AC.NET is a booster to minimize the appearance of pores of blemishes)
Finally, I have been using my personal blend for the last two weeks and although no drastic difference in skin texture I haven't had any reaction. The cream is more of a lotion, as it's not too thick and provides just the right amount of moisture.
All creams are paraben free.
Your healthcare provider will go through which cream base and booster is necessary and what their benefits are.

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