February 06, 2017

New! BUXOM Plumpline Lip Liners

It's clear by now that matte makeup is here to stay. More than ever, cosmetic companies are introducing matte products to their collections. I'll be the first to admit I've always loved a dewy finish however as of late of been loving matte lips. The key is finding the right formula. You don't want a matte lip that looks dry or cakey. Introducing, BUXOM Plumpline Lip Liner; launched last month January 2017. Buxom created 20 shades of duo ended lip liners; one side is the liner while the other a lip brush.
I was lucky enough to try five of their new shades:
(left to right)
White Russian
Femme Fatale
Anonymous Allure

Review: these chubby pencils are fantastic lip liners and are meant to cover your whole lips. So, don't think of using them just as an outline but as an actual matte lipstick. Line your whole lips and use the brush side to soften. The formula truely is a matte creamy formula. Now, the promise of plumping is not going to give injection filled lips and although I didn't notice an increase in lip size I liked that unlike other plumping lip products you don't get that sting-feeling effect. And, they last all day! If a little gloss is needed the brush is perfect to add a bit of lip balm or clear gloss.
retails $20 each
Available at Sephora
Are you a fan of matte lips?

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