January 24, 2018

Top beauty picks from 2017

The top beauty picks of 2017 was easy! For the most part of 2017 I was pregnant and the latter half a new mom. Therefore, I kept my beauty routine to a minimal which is hard for a beauty blogger. Do I still consider myself a beauty blogger? I guess but I have definitely evolved into more lifestyle blogging. Nonetheless, I would like to think I still have valid info to pass along.
Once I became a mom I realized that I actually wear less makeup and concentrate more on skincare and keeping it simple. Hence, 2017 was a year to streamline and choose my products more wisely.

 Let's start from the left with products that multitask;
The Honest Co. Organic Healing Balm- originally labelled the nipple balm ointment for good reason it was relaunched as a healing balm because it's truly a multitasking product. I love this as a lipbalm!! So good. And of course works well as a nipple balm for breastfeeding mamas.

Boots No.7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation- I stock up on this lightweight foundation when I'm in London. Now, that I'm on maternity leave I'm trying to make this bottle last. Love that it gives me enough coverage and looks so natural.

Pelle Beauty Nurture Beauty Oil- every few years I get into facial oils...like hard into it where I just forget mainstream beauty. And, my face loves them! Canadian owned Pelle Beauty is an old fave of mine and I love the Nurture Facial Oil. Feels light on my skin and hydrates enough that I'm not left oily.

Saje Mother's Wellness Stretch Mark Oil- I've been a fan of Saje since they were a little store on Robson Street in Vancouver. As a flight attendant, Saje was our little secret that ceased to be a secret as they have expanded nation-wide. Used this oil throughout my pregnancy and still use it post-partum. Glad to report that after baby #2 I am still stretch mark free. Keep oiling your bellies mamas (and don't forget your breasts too).

L'Oreal True Match Foundation- this budget friendly drugstore foundation is amazing!! Seriously good stuff! I like to spend a little on my foundations but this one can compete with any department store brands. Great coverage that lasts all day and looks natural.

Garden of Wisdom Carrot and Rose Hydrosol- Love GOW products! And, Marky the owner is so helpful. A long time fan of this skincare line, you can buy already made skincare products or create your own blends. If you're using facial oils you must use a hydrosol. Your skin will love you! I think a lot of people are scared to use facial oils because they don't use a hydrosol. It's like you can't use one without the other. Spray your face prior and then apply your oils. Spreads better and even.

Neutrogena All in One Facial Cleansing Wipes- I love using this wipes after I cleanse with a cleansing oil. It's the Oil Cleansing Method but with a disposable wipe. Every new mom needs facial wipes. Makes your busy life so much easier.

Which beauty products were your favourites of 2017?

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