January 11, 2008

How Posh indeed!

How posh is that ad! OK so I'm not a huge Victoria Beckham fan but you have to admit she does have a fabulous wardrobe (regardless of the fact that she topped fashion critic's Mr. Blackwell's 48th Annual Worst-Dressed list). I might not agree with all her fashion choices but her confidence wears the outfits. At the end of the day regardless of what you have on your attitude can either make it or break it. Have you seen her shoe collection? She does not wear flats, ever (Check out the heels above).

Marc Jacobs has chosen her for his Spring'08 ads & I have to admit its genius. I love it actually! Marc Jacob ads are unique but the "Posh in the bag ad" is going up on my bulletin board (I'll add that I never pin ads on my board). If I could get my hands on that bag...how posh would I be.

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