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Thristy anyone?

Designer water bottles? High end fashion design house Christian Lacroix, has teamed up with Evian, to create their Special Edition 2008 bottles. Two bottles were created; Prêt-à-Porter (on the top) & a Haute Couture version(on the bottom) of which only 99 bottles were created. The first bottle is available at high-end grocery stores (I saw these on sale at Whole Foods) & restaurants. The latter will be auctioned off at a starting price of $1000 USD & proceeds will go to charity.

These collection bottles were actually created for the Holiday season. Therefore, if still available buy a few because they make beautiful vases. And, as mentioned they are on sale therefore no need to feel guilty on spending more than $5.00 on a bottle of water in a fancy bottle. Why not skip that Chai latte in the morning which comes in a boring cup anyway, which I might add is about $5.00.

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