February 18, 2008


In the last few years MAC Cosmetics has been releasing limited-edition makeup collections, (great marketing tool) this February'08 is the release of Fafi for MAC. The collaboration between MAC & Fafi has garnered much media attention in comparison to past collections.

The question is, who is Fafi? Fafi is a a graffiti artist from Toulouse, France and her worldwide famous girly characters Fafinettes have attracted much attention outside of the grafitti art scene. Past collaborations have included Adidas, Coca-Cola, LeSportSac, and the list goes on! She has also published books titled, Girls Rock (2003) and Love and Fafiness (2006). Her collaboration with MAC not only includes makeup but apparel and you guessed it, Fafinette dolls named; Monoka (the book nerd from Tokyo), Ermine ("cheeky Frenchie" who loves New York), and Eriko (the "big sister" from Japan who loves Paris).

The makeup collection will have two displays at MAC counters in order to feature this huge collection of intense and bold colours. MAC's press release for the collection states, "What follows is a hip spring colour collection filled with bold, empowering hues, unapologetically girly lip shades of pearly pinks and tangerine reds, iridescent powder, brown, blue and green Paint Pots and Quads, and whimsical cosmetic accessories." Now the question is, what to buy? Honestly, there's only so much makeup a girl can store in her Rubbermaid storage boxes.

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