February 17, 2008

What was once old is now a great vintage find!

The Toronto 17th Anniversary Vintage Clothing & Textile Show is being held on Saturday, March 1st-2008 at the Conference Ballroom (CNIB Centre) located at 1929 Bayview Avenue-Toronto, Ontario.

Admission $7.00
(children under 12 FREE)

Partial Proceeds donated to:
The Multiple Sclerosis Society andThe Canadian Cancer Society

I'm hoping I have the day off work so that I can go treasure hunting. Show's like these are great places to find vintage pieces. Hopefully, I can find some vintage Gucci to add to my purse collection. I started collecting Gucci purses a few years ago but have not found any great finds lately. Great way to spend a Saturday, especially if the weather continues here in Toronto (snow, snow & more snow).



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