March 18, 2008

Japanese Inspired for Spring

While on a recent trip to Japan I picked up a few haircare, skincare, & makeup products. One brand which you must check out is Shiseido which has some amazing asian exclusive products (which can be found at Asian stores within North America) however the prices in Japan are much lower. Some must have's are:

Japan #1 selling Shampoo-Shiesiedo Tsabuki line
The white bottles have been recently introduced. This line is for dry hair whereas the original red bottles are for normal hair.

Another favorite & top-seller is Majolica Majorca Mascara. I got the one for fuller lashes & I'm loving this mascara! (see pic)
Another brand to try is DHC, a must to try when in Japan (you can buy this line online & is found in stores world-wide, mostly in Asian stores). One of the most popular items is the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.
But like any skincare products we all react differently so trial & error are sometimes the only research we can do. Thus far, I've been using the "Oil Cleansing Method" (which at a later date I'll get into) for the last year 1/2. I've also made my own which I will post the recipe at a later date. In the past my faves have been my own recipe & ShuUemura's.
I also picked up some cloth masks (in the red box) which feel fantastic & are inexpensive! And the 2001 Shampoo is for thinning hair & that's a gift. And of course a little souvenir!
P.S-I can't believe I forgot to add the Sofina Perfect UV SPF 50+ Lucent sunscreen. A must in anyone's anti-aging skincare routine. More suitable for oily-combination skin (so I'm saving this one for the hotter months).

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  1. Monica - thx for the link! Will post it below so I can print this whole page and take it with me :) I actually tried that Tsubaki shampoo! My cousin's ex-gf did the design graphics for their advertising, and had many of their bottles, would you know whether they are sulfate/silicone free? :) I am in desperate need of mascara, so will definitely check out Majolica Majorca (I like lengthening mascaras in particular), and love cleansing oil (my SKII is about to run out, and I've used Shu Uemura previously as well). Will definitely look for the sunscreen too :)


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