March 28, 2008

A little fashionably late to the party!

Toronto held its L'Oreal Fashion Week (March 17th-22th) last week, which finished on Saturday. Although Spring does not feel like its arrived here yet, the fashion industry is always seasons ahead. Therefore, its a little unnerving to view Fall's collection when all I feel like doing is shedding all the extra layers of clothing and begin wearing Spring clothing. But like any fashionista one must always be prepared for future seasons.

Featured at L'Oreal's Fashion week is one of my favourite Canadian outterwear and leather goods company, Rudsak. Established in 1994 by Evik Asatoorian, Rudsak has has a somewhat quiet start, atleast in the mainstream market. However, recently with its launch of stores in shopping centres such as; Sherway Gardens, two new opening's in Promenade Mall and Bayview Village, Rudsak will be a must stop store for outterwear and leather accesories.
"The goal at RUDSAK is to offer our customers modern, streamlined fashion with a timeless approach to dressing', says Evik. 'We are not in the business of dictating looks, but rather enhancing one’s own unique sense of style."
One of my must-buy's for Fall is the above coat in grey (not black)...loving it!
images from L'Oreal Fashion Week, George Pimental Photograpy
Photo team: George Pimental, Arthur Mola, Leonard Adam, Talia Shipman, Jazz Dang, Deryck Lewis, Edgar Moreno

An honorable mention to the Heart & Stroke Foundation's, The Heart Truth. A campaign to raise awarness of the risk of heart & stroke in women. L'oreal's Fashion week brought awarness to this campaign by showcasing a fashion show.
Canadian Fashion Designers were asked to design and create a Red Dress, which would serve to capture each models indivisual style. Models were picked from the entertainment fields such as television, film, and music. Models included: Jeanne Beker, Robin Kay, Sandie Rinaldo, and many more.
Credits to George Pimental Photograpy

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