April 13, 2008

Spring-up with new skincare

On a recent trip to Hong Kong I picked up a few things...Specifically, FANCL which is a Japanese brand that has some great skincare items. Most famously is their Cleansing Oils, however, since I already have a few in rotation I decided to try their Revitalizing Yogurt Mask Set & Washing Liquid. FANCL claims:

FANCL is "Pure" FANCL products contain no preservatives, antiseptics, disinfectants, petroleum surfactants, fragrance, coloring agents or mineral oil.

FANCL is "Simple" The three-step system-cleanse, moisturize and enrich-takes just minutes a day. Choose FANCL Basic Skin Care products for normal to dry or oily skin. Add products from FANCL Advanced Skin Care to solve specific skin problems.

FANCL is "Powerful" A little does so much. FANCL is concentrated skin care as pure, simple and powerful as Nature herself. These tiny bottles contain only fresh, essential ingredients, undiluted by unnecessary additives.

So far I am loving both products! The mask is a two-step process which consists of mixing a Rhythm-Up Pack & Vitalize-Up Pack. The package claims to "Revitalizes cells & enhances skin's firmness. Improves rough skin & restores its natural glow." I'm not sure it actually enhances any firmness but my skin did glow afterwards, which is exactly what I wanted.

As for the Washing Liquid, I would definetly repurchase this product again. Its very gentle & great to use morning & night (after the cleansing oil). Reminds me of Dermalogica's Gentle Cleanser but without any scent.

I also bought a product called Baby Pink, its a clear lipgloss that changes to pink once applied. However, I didn't realize this until I tried it on, since there is no English writing on the package I thought it was just another clear lipgloss (although the name "Baby Pink" should have been a clue).

Lastly, got my magazine "fix"... I chose In Magazine.

Lots of product sponsership & articles related to such. But with any fashion magazine that is expected. Aside from that great articles with a vast array of subjects.


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