June 06, 2008

Sex in the City & that black belt...

I finally had a chance to watch the Sex and the City movie. Of course this movie has everyone talking about the fashion, a key component of the film. Aside from The Devil wears Prada, this is the only other time where I was more interested in the costume design/styling of a movie then the actual plot. Quite frankly ladies we could've predicted the story line here! And without spoiling it for those that have not seen the flick, its a happy ending (depending on who you actually wanted to see Carrie end up with). Although, I will add I was a bit disappointed in the fashion. I would've have liked to have seen "less labels", and a little more original pieces. Meaning, any fashionista could have predicted the roman type sandal for Summer'08 (which by the way were they not in fashion last year?). Alas, of the four main characters I really liked Miranda's wardrobe (which was not the case on the actual series) and bonus points to Charlotte as well. As for Samantha, hmmm I just wasn't feeling the 80's retro vibe thing going on. Lastly, Carrie...OK so she's unique in her own style which is essential to her character and I loved the whole "dye your hair dark break-up period thing" because who hasn't gone for a complete makeover after a break-up. But, she was missing something & I can't put my finger on it. Although, I will point out that she did wear that vintage black studded belt throughout 90% of the movie. Was that suppose to signify a type of symbolism in the movie or did Patricia Field (the costume designer/stylist) not have another belt (which I'm sure was not the case) N.B-the belt was vintage so no promo/marketing affliation. Lastly, its was a great movie to spend Friday night and I will watch it again once it comes out on DVD. But that black belt....(how many times can you spot the belt below?)





  1. I love that about Pat Field -stylish real girls fall in love with a piece and wear it over and again with different looks in their wardrobe. I was thrilled to see "Carrie" do that with the belt and the Dior gladiators.


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