June 25, 2008

Summer = Sangria

Summer has officially arrived! And there's nothing better than sitting on a patio drinking sangria. Of course it would be nice doing so in Madrid, however, I'll have to settle for my hometown, Toronto. Not quite the same! But, Toronto does have some really cool patio/bar's that make tasty sangrias. Thus, I present you with my sangria inspired outfit!

I absolutely LOVE the glass beaded popsicle necklace from Karmaloop, perfect for the summer. The necklace combines perfectly with the cuff bracelet from Carmaworld, its actually an Indian "kada"& part of their bridal collection. I also love that the belt buckle from Asos matches the buckles on the sandals, which are from Priceless. For all other items just scroll over the pic for shopping info.
Lastly, I couldn't write about sangria without giving you my recipe:

Beauty Parler’s Sangria1 bottle of dry red-wine
2 cinnamon sticks
½ cup of granulated sugar
1 orange sliced
1 green apple in chunks
4 shots of brandy or Grand Marnier
lots of ice & chill before serving
*sometimes I substitute the orange with strawberries
*also if you like you can add soda water, either plain or lemon flavoured




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