July 11, 2008

finally a facial

After a 13 hour flight from Japan I realized I have not had a facial in two years. Hey, when your on a plane for 13 hours you have alot of time to think! Although, I have a little ritual for my flights sometimes you need that extra something. Upon arrival, I booked myself a facial at the Elmwood Spa in Toronto. I had never had any services done at the Elmwood Spa, however, have read much about them. I am glad I decided to go! First, the building is gorgeous, it's an historic building in Toronto that has had a major facelift. There are four floors that offer numerous services. I had the Elmwood Essential Facial and the facialist (which I have to add was so nice & professional....& great hands!) used Guinot products. I loved the fact that she didn't push me to buy the products but did suggest two items if I was interested (just in case)! I will admit that at the moment I am happy with my skincare regime (in the very near future I will be posting my favourite skincare products) so I did leave empty handed, except for the samples.

All Guinot products were used for my facial:

Refreshing Cleansing Milk
Skin Defense Spf15
Refreshing Toning Lotion
Gentle Exfoliating Cream*
Instant Radiance Mask*
Vital Eye Lifting

*items that were highly recommended (received lots of samples)

I know that there are a few people that don't find having facials are beneficial. However, for me I don't know why I waited so long! Not only for the benefit of my skin but just for the relaxing atmosphere.

Elmwood Spa
18 Elm Street (East of Bay St. & west of Yonge St)
Toronto, ON
Toll Free: 1-877-284-6348


  1. I hope you had fun in Japan! But yes, long flights are not fun at all.

  2. Thanks I did! Bought a great pair of sandals, the shopping there is fantastic! I travel for work so I'm used to the long flights but can be hectic on the skin:)

  3. Okay...I can beat you...I've never had a facial. You're making me WANT one!


  4. I don't get facials often...and everytime I get one I always tell myself that I will get them more often. I really like this place so I will be returning:)

  5. So what exactly does a facial involve and how much did u pay there?

  6. I had the Elmwood Essential facial (if you click the link it lists prices under services & the different facials have different prices). Mine was $90 & for 50 min. includes steam, extractions, toning & moisturizing. Also, included was a hand massage (upto elbow) & neck-upper shoulder massage.

  7. I agree with oneshotbeyond...I'm totally yearning for one right now too.


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