July 29, 2008

not just a "Beautiful Mind"

Jennifer Connelly has been chosen to be the next Revlon spokesperson/model. The 37 year old joins an already long list of other actresses such as Jessica Alba & Halle Berry. I'm loving the direction that major cosmetic companies are going, using actresses that are older than typical models. So, I guess this is the decade of "celebritism" (as mentioned in my other blog posts). I do think that Connelly is a terrific choice for Revlon. I find that Revlon tends to lean towards more "natural" looking women, and Connelly is definitely that.

"Revlon is one of the great iconic brands of today and I am thrilled to be part of a company that has done so much for women around the world" said by Jennifer Connelly. (as reported on eonline.com)

Cannot wait to see the ads coming later this year!


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