September 21, 2008

Hairdryer SOS

So I'm sending my hairdryer to the hair graveyard. After trying numerous straightening products I came to the conclusion that it wasn't the products NOT working, it was the tools. On my latest work trip I succumbed to using the hotel dryer, there's only so many days in a row that a girl could wear a ponytail. Anyhow, as anyone knows hotel hairdryers are the worst dryers out there. But on this last trip my eye caught a glimpse of this silver beauty of a hairdryer. At first I thought it must have been left behind by another guest because it's impossible that a hotel would invest in professional hairdryers for its guests. But nope the hairdryer plug was literally attached to the wall, hmmm this must be good! Well, it usually takes me an hour to blowdry my hair and after all that time and numerous products later it never looked that salon great. That wasn't the case this past weekend with the hotel hairdryer. Not only did it take half the time but it looked like I had a professional blow-out! I was amazed. OK so I always knew that with the proper tools & products one can achieve shiny straight hair, but, I thought I had a professional hairdryer all this time...I currently own Babyliss Pro Ceramic Hair Dryer. The hotel hairdryer was a TAIFF Onix. So, it got me thinking what's the difference? Upon closer inspection I realized that what really made a huge difference was the watts. The TAIFF dryer was 1900 watts whereas the Babyliss is only 1600 watts, regardless of the ceramic technology of the Babyliss the TAIFF made my hair shiner and smoother. So, now I'm on a hunt for a new hairdryer and need your help. Leave me hairdryer suggestions in the comments page for dryers that have more than 1875 watts. Unfortunately, the TAIFF is from Brazil (and the plug and voltage doesn't work for North America) that's why I didn't purchase it. Thank you for any suggestions!

EDIT: September 23

OK so I ended up buying the Tool Science Nano-Silver Ionic Professional Hair Dryer from Sally's Beauty Supply store. Tried it out last night & have to admit that it was better than my current Babyliss BUT not as good as the TAIFF one from the hotel. So today while I was browsing (really just looking) at Winners I wasn't expecting to find any great hairdryers but I had a look in the beauty section. Behold, right in front of me was the "great" BeSpoke Labs T3 Evolution Hairdryer, one of the most expensive hairdryers in the market was at Winners. Yup, I was pretty floored. Of course I had to buy it at $200 cdn, much cheaper than at other retailers. I haven't tried it yet but will post a review. The best part is if I don't like it its going back (another reason I wasn't too keen on buying online. Too much shipping costs to worry about).

Any feedback on the BeSpoke Labs T3 Evolution Hairdryer? Or Sally's Tool Science Hairdryer?

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  1. I completely know how you feel. I have a Babyliss hairdryer and it sucks too! I did find that other brand you mentioned for sale on I have ordered from this store in the past. Fast shipping and good CS. FWIW.

  2. Thank you!!! I will check it out! Its amazing what a good pro hairdryer will acheive!


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