September 26, 2008


LUSH is one of those stores either you LOVE it or HATE it! You can smell this store a mile away but once you can bypass the smell there are some really nice products, and they aren't that strong smelling once applied. Some of my favourite products from LUSH are the bath bombs, the Celestial Moisturizer, Ocean Salt, and Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser. I had the opportunity to purchase a few products at a discounted price so thought "hey what the heck". No beauty junkie can resist a good discount!

Here are a few products that I purchased (for the first time), a review will follow in a few weeks as I like to test them out for a bit before giving my honest opinion:

Anyone else a LUSH fan? Name some of your faves? Rants or Raves about any of the above products?
Have a great weekend!


  1. I do love several LUSH products myself! I'm a big fan of some of their fresh facial masks (Cupcake is awesome) and also their bar soaps and bubble bars. I have to reserve them for a splurge though because the soaps melt really fast!

  2. I forgot to mention their fresh facial masks, Cupcake is awesome! And LUSH is generous with samples, they once gave me a whole fresh facial mask (cupcake)because it was about to expire!

  3. I love LUSH Products, bought a lot of those especially their sweet smelling soap, massage bars and American Dream Cream, bought them at HongKong I love it!


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