October 23, 2008

Get your blog out there!

Are you tired of writing down you blog link on scraps of paper, napkins, and relying on word-of-mouth. I was and wanted to get cute blog cards printed but didn't know where to get them done. Back in October, I was reading one of my favourite blogs Decor8 and she did a feature on Avie Designs, she designs cute creative stationary items and inexpensive too! The timing couldn't have been more perfect as Avie had exactly what I was looking for. So, for $15 (including shipping) I ordered 80 cards (4 different styles, 20 of each). And the service was great, quick, and painless. The attention to detail is fantastic!
What are your thoughts on having blog/website cards? Does anyone else have them?


  1. that's a great blog card! simple yet so pretty and has an impact!! :)

  2. it is very cheap to make a personalized business cards here... much cheaper than what you paid for in the states... i think i should go make some but whom should i give them to? LOL. no one around me is into makeup. and other than my husband, no one in the family knows my little blogging secret...

    i thank you for the idea. it's awesome! but i still have to rely on you girls!!! HAHAHA

    and maybe, just maybe i'd make some cards for myself. hey, it will be fun to include cards for swapping or something? :)

  3. that is SO cute! And a really great idea.

  4. I haven't swapped in ages but yes having the cards is great for that. Actually, I should re-edit the price because they came out to be $15. In asia they are much cheaper but I haven't gone over since the Spring.:)

  5. I think I'm going to DIY some for my blog, as I can't really buy anything on the Internet right now.


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