October 22, 2008

L'Oreal Fashion Week

"Well hello...I'm late to the party am I?" well some of us have to work & can't attend Toronto's Fashion Week, boo!hoo! And of course no invites for me, however, there are a few events open to the public. If you can't be there physically there's no better way to see a few collections via the Internet. Toronto's L'Oreal Fashion Week runs from October 20-25, showcasing some of Canada's finest fashion designers and there was a show from Spanish fashion-chain stores Mango, featuring Penelope Cruz's sister Monica Cruz's collection (I wouldn't go as far & say Monica Cruz is a designer but the Cruz sisters have influenced the latest seasons at Mango and have worked with their in-house design team).

One of the shows that I was excited to see (online of course) was Pink Tartan's Spring '09 collection, which had a 60's glam vibe. Loving the return to glam!

Check out a few images, enjoy!
P.S-Just want to add (by no means am I a professional stylist or claim to be but I do love fashion & hey that's why I have my blog) I'm not feeling the styling of these outfits. I love the pieces & grasp the 60's vibe but something is off...First, I love the look of these shoes BUT do think that there could've been a better choice. My choice would've been a rounded-toe, patent leather, nude platform heel. Lastly, either a skinny or wide belt would've looked great on any of these outfits. Of course anyone has their own interpretation of what eventually their desired look is.

(PinkTartan, Spring'09 images from CTV.ca)

And for a glimpse of Mango's show:


  1. That looks SO cool. I can't tell you how much I want to be at a Fashion Week... maybe as Tim Gunn's guest...

    I can dream, right?

  2. love the clothes. HATE the shoes. they are terrible! I'm afraid of going to any fashion week event bcause I am so unfashionable. Most of my clothes are from Target and Kohls. LOL

  3. Elvira, some of my best pieces are actually from the line George from Wallmart. I just mix it up!


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