November 25, 2008

Holiday Wishlist {a bit boring}

My Holiday wishlist is pretty simple this year but does include some BIG ticket items (which I don't expect to receive) however WISH is the key word!
I can't help it but I really like the Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear (read my past post here) however at $1,500 usd I really don't expect Santa to deliver, no matter how nice I've been (or naughty).
As for makeup... honestly I love makeup (duh) therefore any palettes will in Bobbi Brown, NARS, M.A.C, or Scott Barnes, the moment I'm just trying to finish up the stash I currently own so if none are given that's cool with me.
Sewing & Embroidery machine, yup I'm serious! Lately, I have all these ideas of things I want to create & have no idea of which machine to get in order to get started (mind you I haven't used a sewing machine since grade 8 home-economics class). Basically, any beginner machine is fine with me. The Clarisonic face brush, I've read so many good reviews on this that I'm kind of curious. Lastly, the Gucci by Gucci book would make a beautiful coffee book (and nice add to my collection).

And if none are under my tree this holiday I won't be too disappointed because my favourite thing about the holidays is the excitement of it. Strolling along the street with a hot chocolate in gloved hand, with that special someone, looking at the holiday decorated store-fronts, and watching last minute shoppers struggling with their last minute purchases (that always gives me a good giggle). What's on your wishlist?


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