March 30, 2009

the Digital clutch

For the last two months all I've been lemming is a notebook computer and quite frankly I wish I was more decisive as I am with buying makeup. I just can't decide! And when I finally made a decision on purchasing the Dell Inspiron 10 (literally I was a click away on buying the Cherry Red version all I needed was to add my method of payment), I see the HP Mini Vivienne Tam! Wow, look how fashionable cute it is! OK so maybe fashionable cute is not exactly a must when purchasing a notebook vs components but it sure is tempting. Upon further research its actually on par with other notebooks in its category however the real deal breaker is the price! Its approximately $250 more that the Dell Inspiron 10, yikes...although the "digital clutch" is tempting I think I will stick with the Dell in Cherry Red. It might not have the peony-inspired design but it will get the job done.
*Scarf & tote sold separately
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  1. if i bought that thing, i'd regret it in no time because it's too fahsionable and i'd worry that it's stolen when i take it out.

    (and besides, i don't want to catch attentiion!)

    it's most beautiful though!

  2. Good point on the attraction seeking notebook:) Subtle fashionable chic is always a good thing!

  3. LOVE that print, although I wish it were purchasable as a laptop cover, as I already have a Macbook Air, would look gorgeouw with that Vivienne Tam print! :)

  4. Bummer. For the extra $250 they should throw in the scarf & tote!

  5. I just saw this on sale at for $549 which is a good deal.


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