March 31, 2009

I went to London & all I bought was a bag!

(Top Shop on the top & Selfridges in all other pics)

Last week I was on a layover in London and my first stop was Oxford Street. The thing is I never end up buying anything! First, the exchange rate is crazy vs the Canadian dollar. However, exchange rate aside as any experienced shopper knows when travelling the price is not usually frowned upon. Does this also happen to you? Seems like when I'm in a foreign country the mentality while shopping is, "I just can't find this back home therefore the price is not a factor," however being that travelling is part of my job I no longer look at it that way (atleast I've tried tricking my brain into thinking that way). So for the most part I speed shop and end up with nothing except a Starbucks tall iced mocha latte with soya milk in hand looking like the typical North American tourist. I would also like to point out that contrary to what most think, flight attendants don't have 3-day layovers in foreign places, more like less than 30 hours to sleep, eat, and try to fit in shopping. So do the math! Yup, professional speed shopper would be me or shall I say professional window shopper:) Ironically, I ended up buying a shopping bag (save plastic bags) from Harrods to put all my purchases in or lack thereof.

I also regret not buying this dress from TopShop, the picture doesn't do it justice. It looked so cute on & the back was sexy, I would've added a belt though. Oh darn it! I should've got it...but I find Top Shop can be so overwhelming. Its always busy, countless shoppers, & countless items to look at, and I find the layout of the store on Oxford to be confusing.
What are you faves in London?


  1. Ooh! That is one gorgeously cute bag, so great purchase, even if it IS only one ;)

    I find I tend to shop less when travelling (interstate or overseas), probably because I like to 'mull' my purchases over & over & carefully, and don't want to make a regretful purchase. Often that means I miss out on things, which I later regret :)

    Wow, you sure do get to travel a lot! Including to Brazil (SP), I notice, am so jealous!

  2. omg that is such a cute bag!!!!

  3. I like your bag. Top shop is a good store. it has all the funky things. I like browsing it stuff there.


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