April 03, 2009

Spring Cleaning {Skin by Monica Olsen review}

With every changing season comes a new army of skin-care products for me to try. The latest trial was Skin by Monica Olsen's Restore MSM Facial Cleanser in Peppermint for Sensitive Skin. I really like the philosophy behind these products. "SKIN by Monica Olsen® introduces revolutionary skin care which is simple, kind, natural & organic. This line of natural skin care is brought to you by model Monica Olsen, who knows firsthand how important it is to have soft, radiant skin. Free of parabens, urea, alcohol, petroleum and other harmful chemicals, this is 100% pure skin care without all the junk."
Onto the review:
Pros-Cleanses well & gets sudsy without too much foam. Makeup washes off easily including mascara. I like that its a gel cleanser (I'm not a fan of creamy cleansers). Skin doesn't feel dry or tight after cleansing. No harsh chemical detergents, soaps, and parabens.
Cons-the biggest & only con is the peppermint oil. I didn't like that "awake/tingly feeling" after patting my skin dry. This cleanser is intended for those with sensitive skin however in my opinion this would be an irritant. Although I didn't have a reaction to this cleanser I would buy the other cleanser with Orange Blossom because I liked the ingredients.
Can be found at select Shoppers Drug Mart & Murale stores in Quebec.
Retails for approx. $33.95 cdn
(photo credit: skinbymonica.com)

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