June 08, 2009

mad about Mad Men

No beauty and fashion blog is complete without having blogged about Mad Men. I'm in love with that show! The makeup, fashion, set design, props and Don Draper. My recent new love with this show only developed within the last month. I hardly ever watch television and when I do it usually consists of TLC, HGTV and sometimes the Slice network. But I stumbled upon Mad Men and started watching it because it was set in the 1960's and since I adore the fashion & makeup from that time period my love affair began...Well here are a few pics and a clip about the fashion & makeup.
I was hoping to find a breakdown of the makeup and have given up after searching the net for more than an hour. I'm pretty sure that the makeup is either custom blend or has been specifically developed for the show, if anyone has any info please feel free to pass it along in the comments section. Merci! Thank you!

(photo & video credits: amctv.com)


  1. Okay, so I haven't blogged about anything Mad Men but Jon Hamm. And then I was all excited that he was following me on Twitter! Until a few weeks later I followed back, and he UNFOLLOWED because all he was doing was trolling for followers. I judge him harshly for such behaviour.

    He's still hot though... *grin*

  2. I'm so not into twitter, reason being is I know I'd get addicted.


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