June 09, 2009

Uma as the new face of Givenchy

Actress Uma Thurman is the new face of Parfums Givenchy, the new perfume will be released in September'09. The name of the new perfume is still underwraps and Givenchy is being hush hush about any of the details. Modelling is nothing new to Uma who used to model as a teen. Lookout for Givenchy's new perfume on this side of the pond in early 2010, with an earlier release date of Fall'09 in Europe.

(credit: wwd.com)


  1. I love Uma Thurman's unique beauty, but I'm not loving that shot. She looks like she's having a bit of a seizure... erk!

  2. Your so funny! My thoughts were, "what is she looking at?"


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