July 10, 2009

the Basics {foundations/concealers in rotation}

Want to have a peak? Have a look at my current foundation & concealer stash. Now, I do have a few more in hibernation, however these are the ones I'm currently using on a rotational basis.
My Basic Face!
Depending on where I'm going & how my skin looks, these are the items I use.
Products in the top pic {Top row-Left to Right}
Faces Hydro Balance Foundation-shade 651 (yellow tone)
Bottom row {left to right}
MAC Studio Stick Foundation-NC27 I use this to cover any marks on my face, not as an under eye concealer
see pic below for under eye concealers
{top left to right}
{bottom left to right}
the Balm Time Balm Anti-Wrinkle Concealer-light/medium (really loving this)
Bobbi Bown Creamy Concealer-Sand (one of my favourite concealer's, a HG* status)
*HG=Holy Grail
Do you see any of your faves? If you have any questions on any of the above leave me a comment.
Have a good weekend!!


  1. wow you have so many!
    that makeup book you were talking about is great! it was about $30 or $40 i cant remember now haha im yet to try some looks from it! x

  2. Hi heartofpearl,
    And I still have a couple more foundations, but these are the ones I like the best.

  3. The Stila SPF15 Medium is a very good tinted moisturiser and I am surprised you have not also tried the Stila Foundation as its very popular in the UK. 40 or 50 watt would match your skin tone?

    Jayne xx


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