July 10, 2009

late night purchase {The Beauty of Color by Iman}

The other night I was doing laundry when I realized I was out of fabric softener, what's a girl to do! So, there I was at 10pm in my car driving to Walmart. My goal was to go directly to the laundry section get the fabric softener and out of there. Easy, right? Ha!Ha! Try again, detour to the makeup section...hmm nothing (whew! that's a first), I thought I might make it out this time with just that bottle in hand. Out of the corner of my eye I spy a clearance book bin and right on top is The Beauty of Color: the ultimate beauty guide for skin of color by Iman. I love beauty and fashion books, one more book to add to the collection. At $6.98 cdn (what a steal) that's one Starbucks latte less for me! This book cover's everything; skincare, makeup 101, makeovers (my fave), step by step makeup application, and more! A great book if your interested in makeup application and techniques. What I also like about this book is that Iman doesn't push her cosmetics line, Iman Cosmetics. You've all heard about Iman, right? if not click here. Here's few pics of the inside of the book. Enjoy!

My ultimate beauty tip:
a beautiful, clean, arched eyebrow
You can have no traces of makeup on your face but if your eyebrows are sculpted beautifully than honestly sometimes that's all you need.



  1. Ahhh the search for the perfect brow! It's a never ending voyage for me.

  2. Yup! The perfect brow makes a world of difference:)


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