July 23, 2009

B.B Cream ALERT {Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream review}

I've found a new love, Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream! I've been wanting to try BB Creams for awhile now and I finally ordered it off ebay, rubyruby76. BB Creams are the fastest and most popular selling makeup products in Asia at the moment. I got my info on which one to buy from reading reviews on beauty blogs dedicated to Japanese and Korean brands . The Main culprits; Rouge Deluxe and Lotus Palace.

So what is B.B Cream? Blemish Balm Cream, either originated in Germany or Korea. Can't find enough info to back either claim. As for the Korean rumor it has been written that a BB cream was used as part of makeup routine of a Korean actress who had undergone laser surgery. Due to her rave reviews of the product BB creams became popular. BB creams can be used as a primer or as foundation on its own. Its a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, anti-aging benefits, evens out skin tone, some have whitening properties and reduces blemishes. Hmm..sounds like a miracle cream to me!

(pic: applied a bit thick & my hand is a bit tanned)
My review:
BB creams are in fact moisturizing therefore for oily skin gals no need for a moisturizer prior to application. I found that the consistency of the M Perfect BB cream is thicker than a tinted moisturizer and similar to a cream foundation. For more coverage and to cover under-eye circles you can layer this product to the desired effect wanted. However, take note that not all BB creams are created equally, you can find a formula that's not as thick. M Perfect BB cream contains SPF42. Overall, I'm really happy with this product thus far. No clogged pores, great coverage, natural looking, and skin doesn't get oily even though its moisturizing. The M Perfect BB cream also states that it whitens, yikes, as I'm not looking to whiten my skin tone I did a litle research. Turns out that whitening products in Asia are not meant to actually bleach your skin but the term actually means brightening, according to a few sources online and a few youtube videos. Hope that's true because I have yet to see any "whitening" of the skin.
Shade: no.23 in Natural Beige, finding the right shade can also be a challenge if your yellow/olive tone like me. I lucked out with this shade considering I had ordered off ebay without ever having seen it. If your curious about BB creams Missha is a good brand to consider. Lots of rave reviews online, that's how I picked the M Perfect BB cream.
Any BB Cream users and if so what are your thoughts? Or any other comments welcomed.


  1. Heyyyy. This is Cynthia. We did ART together!
    Remember how I was saying there's this moisturing base I was using and I forgot the name of it. It's hilarious how I log into ur page and see that u're reviewing it!!
    Isn't this BB cream the best? xx.

  2. Have you used Missha M vita bb cream? I just got it and I can't say I want another Missha bb cream. It's so hard to blend and has greyish/pink undertone...I am not light fair but fair to tanish...but i have skin79 pink bottle and it's darker than vita bb cream...and I love it and blends into my skin...but missha M vita just looks whitish on me...what are helpful hints when applying missha...??

  3. This one has a yellowish undertone but there is a hint of grey, not really any pink in this one. However, I'm yellow/olive toned & when blended in it matches my skin. I will add that I never wear any base (i.e foundation, tinted moisturizers, etc) without applying a bronzer or blush on top. Hope that helped!

  4. finally someone pointed out that BB cream is better for oily skin. i liked some i tried but not the top choice as i have dry skin and i think TM works best for me.


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