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the one & only {the Sartorialist}

Click! Click! That's the sound of photographer and blogger Scott Schuman's camera, the Sartorialist. Schuman made a personal appearance in Toronto today at Holt Renfrew. Unfortunately I did not attend (sob!). I was too busy and tired, ok I'll admit a bit too lazy to navigate the crowds at Holt's. Sometimes a girl just needs time to herself and today was one of those catch-up-on-sleep days. However, my good friend and blogger Nelia went and she wrote all about it, check out her fabulous blog!
(image credit: thanks Nelia for letting me "borrow" your

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  1. Hey Monica!

    I love the Sartorialist. I'm looking forward to his book.

    Great site and hope to see you again at another beauty event!



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