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I'm so excited I finally purchased my own domain name. You can still use & you'll be redirected to!

How many of you own your own domain name or are thinking about it? If you have any questions let me know, it was quite easy to do (I'm no computer geek) but help guidelines are very easy to follow.


  1. Monica,

    I'm curious whether it's worth it getting a domain. If you could provide some more info, that'd be great. Thanks

  2. For me it was mainly two reasons:
    (a)to have a "blog" identity
    (b)quite frankly its easier to remember than adding the part. I find that people that aren't into blogs don't know about so it saves me the time of trying to explain the whole process of blogging.
    I think that if blogging is a long term project for you than buying a domain name is something you might consider. Hope that helps or ask away:)

  3. I am going to do this too soon! Any tips???


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