August 20, 2009

The September Issue {Vogue}

The signature bob & sunglasses! Only one woman comes to mind, Vogue's Editor in Chief Anna Wintour. Since 1988 British born Wintour has been the Editor of Chief of American Vogue, nicknamed the "Nuclear Wintour" she has been known to be brutally honest whilst distancing herself from others. For an inside look into the creation of American Vogue's September issue, known as the yearly bible of fashion issue, the September Issue is a behind the scenes documentary of such publication. In select theatres September 11 and early release in New York August 28. Release date for Toronto is October 23, 2009.

One of my favourite past times is sitting at a cafe patio enjoying a latte and reading a magazine, today will be one of those days. Now if only I can find a September issue of Vogue, doesn't seem to be in all the stores yet however I'm counting on my usual "dealer" to have a copy.

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