September 24, 2009

Clean Start you Skincare regime {Dermalogica's Clean Start}

I remember when I was teen there weren't many gentle skincare products on the market that catered to my skincare needs, getting rid of blackheads! Thankfully that was the worst of my skincare concerns. However, as I've gotten older the need to wear sunscreen was only necessary at the beach or pool, now its part of my daily regime. Teens have it tough! Not only do skincare products have to cater to raging hormones but also protect against the harmful rays. Dermalogica has created a skincare line that addresses teenage skin, Clean Start. Not only did they develop a line that was geared towards teenagers but they also asked for their help in developing the naming of the products, labelling, packaging, and feedback on what "works and doesn't work".
The result is Clean Start, a system of eight dual-action, fun, fresh, skin-healthy products that feel and smell great without being full of stuff that’s bad for skin – such as artificial fragrances, colors, mineral oil, and S.D. alcohol. Another thing you might like: we don’t test on animals. (cleanstart)
Last month I attended the press launch of Clean Start in Canada. Oh! And what fun it was. Unlike other press events this one involved putting on roller skates. Ok so I'm not exactly a roller derby queen but who cares, it was fun being a teenager again.
Onto the products (I didn't try all the products, as for the ones that I tried comments were made);
Wash-Off Cleanser (sort reminds me of Dermalogica's Special Cleansing Gel, a fave of mine), bonus of this cleanser is that it contains Salicylic Acid, good for penetrating pores. Liked this!
All-Over Clear-you can use this as a toner or mist over face. Liked this!
Ready Set Scrub-masque & scrub 2-in-1. Nice scrub just that it contains menthol (minimal) & I'd prefer products without, personal preference.
Bedtime for Breakouts-again Salicylic Acid, good for pores. Haven't really been consistent with this so can't review at this time
Hit the Spot-benzoyl peroxide spot treatment, I didn't use this product as I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide & I don't really have skin issues that warrant me trying this
Welcome Matte spf15-good way to get teens to start wearing sunscreen daily. Feels nice on but I prefer a higher spf
Brighten up spf 15- like a tinted moisturizer. Didn't try this.
Smart Mouth Lip Shine-tiny particles when you apply that eventually melt, I gave this to the boyfriend because I didn't like the smell too much. Orangey scent...he likes it.

Overall, considering I'm not a teen I think that Clean Start offers great products for teenagers skincare needs. Of course you don't have to be a teen to try them! As stated before many teens actually contributed to the making of these products so obviously products were developed with their feedback. A couple stats that I found interesting from the press event were;
66% of teens don't wear sunscreen (Why? they felt that sunscreen contributed to breakouts)
79% of skincare regimes are learned from their parents (myths like putting toothpaste on pimples. Can't believe that one's still around)
For more information on CleanStart check out the website! They also have a facebook page.
Lastly, my only comment to Dermalogica is that they make CleanStart products easily available to teens. Dermalogica products tend to be sold at spa's & some teens feel intimidated walking into a spa to buy products. Stores such as Sephora, Murale, Shoppers Drug Mart beauty boutique locations & even Rexall would be great.

Any teens that read my blog, have you heard of CleanStart? Or any other comments are appreciated.
(thank you to Dermalogica & Marquis Consulting)


  1. I agree - when I was a teen, there weren't half as many options, especially from higher end lines. I think I had a choice of Noxzema or Cetaphil!

  2. Lena, And who can forget SeaBreeze? I shudder when I think of the alcohol content in that toner...LOL!

  3. OMG SeaBreeze!!! I totally BEGGED my mom to buy me a bottle of it, and then I remember my skin being all pink and raw after using it!

  4. Oh yes SeaBreeze & its promise of flawless skin...made me dry & itchy. And didn't help the skin at all.


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