September 18, 2009

Fashion at the TIFF {Toronto Int'l Film Festival}

The Toronto International Film Festival known as TIFF is on its final curtain call September 19 & many "stars" have fallen in the city. A few makeup & fashion takes from the red carpet;
Megan Fox & Diablo Cody (right)
Jennifer Connelly

Penelope Cruz (I wonder if that dress is from Mango?)

Mariah Carey (looking very circa 1990's...haven't seen her wear this much clothes in a while & the curly hair too!)Oprah (we share the same birthday...just a little tid-bit about moi)
Drew Barrymore (loving the Alexander McQueen dress, not so crazy about the two-tone hair)

Demi Moore

Jennifer Garner

Robin Wright Penn

Natalie Portman
Zhu Xuan at the premiere of Prince of Tears (I wish I looked that hot in dark lipstick)
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