September 17, 2009

I took the Pond's challenge! {Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes Review}

Last month I was asked to take part in the Pond’s Superior Clean Challenge! Not only do I love a challenge but obviously I love skincare products, its pretty obvious right? I'd like to add for the record I'm not paid for any products I receive. Yes, they're free but no money. OK with that out of the way let's move on shall we:) I can't rave enough about travel friendly products & cleansing facial wipes are one of my travel staples. If you recall last month I purchased a pack in Hong Kong (click here! Um yeah that little green box of wipes didn't quite work out...smells like alcohol so now I use them as hand sanitizers) I actually have used Pond's cleansing cloths before on a recommendation of a sales consultant at Shoppers Drug Mart, they were very similar to these but in a different packaging. Thus, I was excited to try the Original Clean (blue pack) of Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes.

Product claims (with regards to the Original Clean pack):

More effective at removing make-up than any other leading towelette (up to 40% more makeup than other leading towelettes)
Contains Triple Tea Antioxidant Complex, Vitamin E and Chamomile
Luxuriously quilted cloths with a unique diamond texture allow for a deep clean without leaving any residue behind

The Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes are in fact very gentle. They are pre-moistened so no water needed! Removes makeup well including foundation, but slight traces of mascara are left behind. No other brands of cleansing cloths (without the aid of water) have been able to remove all mascara either. These leave your skin feeling clean & soft. Skin doesn't feel sticky & no residue is left behind, instead skin feels hydrated. I also love the fresh scent of chamomile. Another great benefit is that you also lightly exfoliate your skin using the textured cloth.
30 towelettes in each pack
Travel tip: on long flights prior to landing wipe your face with these & reapply makeup (if any worn) & you'll arrive feeling fresh (my facial skin always feels dirty after a flight), they also don't count towards your liquid restrictions

How many of you use cleansing wipes as part of your skincare routine? Which brands have you used & liked?



  1. I don't use that stuff as my skincare routine, but they'd be interesting for traveling without a lot of liquids and things to carry..

  2. I love cleansing cloths for those late, lazy nights ... I will try this brand next time round :).

  3. If your not going to use an additional cleanser than there is dry version that once you add water foams up really nicely & no other product is needed afterwards.


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