September 29, 2009

makeup genius Diana Carreiro {exclusive interview}

You've most likely seen her work in Flare, Fashion magazine, Vogue Spain, Vanity Fair, Weddingbells, Marie Claire and more. Perhaps you've also seen the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, yup that's her work too. So you've seen her work but now you'll get to know her a little better in my mini-interview with the fabulous and talented Diana Carreiro. Professional makeup artist Carreiro has been in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. She knows a "thing or two" about makeup and skincare so I had to ask the makeup genius just a few questions!

(on top: Belle Magazine
Photographer: Ishi
Model: Lana Ogilvy
on bottom: Gothic Tales-Dark Angels
Flare, Sept'08)

(on left:Flare, Naughty or Nice
September '09 30th Anniversary Issue
Photographed by Brian Ishi
on right:Fashion's Darlings

by Chris Nicholls
Photographer: Chris Nicholls
Makeup: Diana Carreiro
Hair: Justin Germain)

(1) Growing-up what did you want to do professionally?
I'm pretty sure I wanted to be a ballerina... or maybe a princess.

(2) Your first memorable makeup experience?
I found my mother's Chanel lipstick, the one she only wore on special occasions, and smeared it all over my Suzy Walker dolls face.

(3) Any common makeup mistakes women make?
Women almost always test foundation on their face when they should be testing on their neck for the perfect match. If it disappears on the neck, it's the perfect shade for the face.

(4) Your prized makeup essentials? Items you can't live without.
Personally? Concealer and a pair of sharp tweezers. No one needs to see me if I've been away from my tweezers for even a day!

(5) Three essential beauty items in anyone's kit.
Concealer, tinted lip balm and lash curler. You can look presentable in a jiffy with just these three things.

(6) Your skincare faves.
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant & Mary Kay's TimeWise Replenishing Serum+C

(7)Makeup trends for Fall'09
Retro 80's bright colour on the eyes, deep plum mouths, copper eyes.

(8)Any advice for wanna be pro-makeup artists.
You need to learn how to walk before you can run. If you want to make it in this VERY competitive field, you must master flawless skin and clean beauty before moving on to the more 'edgy' looks.

(9)Lastly, what does beauty mean to you?
I've been involved with the Dove Self Esteem Fund and am featured in their award winning 'Evolution' Video so it's no surprise that I believe beauty comes in many different shapes and colours. Makeup may enhance what's on the outside but real beauty comes from within. A smiling face and kind eyes are what I consider beautiful.

Thank you!

It truly takes a team of experts to create a "beautiful" campaign! You can catch a glimpse of Diana as she applies makeup to the model. I love this video, sends out such a strong message.

I would like to thank Diana for taking the time to take part in my interview. Although I've never met Diana in person, we've exchanged emails through-out the years having met initially on Diana has always responded & been very friendly whenever I've asked for makeup breakdowns or any other beauty related questions. She's a true gem & doll!

To view more of Diana Carreiro's work and bio she is represented in Toronto by Page One Management & in Chicago by Artists By Timothy Priano.

(images courtesy of Diana Carreiro's collection, publications listed under photos)


  1. that is such an amazing video! Wow, Definitely got me thinking! Hey I loved here! Be following you!:)

  2. So dying to try Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. Janine Falcon of Beauty Geeks suggested it to me today. DYING!

  3. I do love that Di Carreiro. Funny, though -- I didn't realize she did the makeup in the Evolution video. I was too busy analyzing the makeup and post-production changes!


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