October 14, 2009

Leaves aren't just for rolling around in...{LUSH review}

Autumn has arrived in Canada and I'm quite happy about it! Why? Its one of my favourite seasons. The leaves falling on the ground, the sound of my boots crunching the maple leaves at High Park, squirrels trying to attack me (happens all the time) oh yeah they're suppose to be harmless...oops got carried away. OK happy thoughts! The one thing that I love most about Fall, yes the layering of clothing, but its the fragrance of the outdoors. The outdoorsy scent of trees, leaves,pine cones, chestnuts, figs, etc... LUSH has captured that in their soap Figs and Leaves. I absolutely loved the smell of Figs and Leaves & wish they would create a candle with the same scent. I think most that aren't familiar with LUSH think that their products are highly scented because of the strong scent of the stores. However, with Figs and Leaves I found that the scent only lingers a bit and doesn't compete with any scented body lotions or perfumes you might add after your bath. The soap also gently exfoliates and lightly moisturizes your skin. And as for the scent, figs is the main scent followed by ylang ylang and a hint of orange. When I run out I will definitely purchase this soap!
Price $6.96 CDN Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo is for frizzy, fluffy hair. This has a very natural smell, lemon and beer. Yes, beer! I have very dry hair and although I liked this shampoo after a few washes I found that this shampoo would be better suited for oily hair. Why? This shampoo definitely gets your hair squeaky clean and removes build-up. However, because of the nature of my hair I need something with just a bit more moisture. On that note, my boyfriend loves it! He has oily hair so this worked great on him. He also doesn't use conditioner so this was exactly what he needed; a shampoo to thoroughly cleanse his hair that doesn't leave residue and contribute to his oilies. Oh and he liked the fact that it has beer! But no drinking in the bath...
Price $8.95 CDN for 100mlNone of Your Beeswax Lip Balm is my latest addition to my lip balm addiction. I purchased this at the airport when I realized I had no lip balm in my pockets or purse. This is LUSH's newest addition to their lip balms. This lip balm delivers, moisturized lips without coating the lips. No shine here though and that's exactly what I wanted. Just a simple lip balm that on would look like natural hydrated lips. A light scent of lemon and vanilla, yummy!
Price $6.96 CDN

Next on my list of LUSH must-try's before they run out; Pumpkin Soap, Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion, and Ghost Shower Gel.

Any LUSH fans? List your favourites in the comment section.
(images: lush.ca)


  1. I'm using their Porridge Soap! My friend bought me Figs and Leaves but I'm yet to try it. good to know that it'll be awesome too :)

  2. I'm a huge lush fan, I love their cupcake facemask. Its nearly good enough to eat. The fig and leaves soap sounds good. I'll have to keep an eye out for it next time I'm in Lush!

  3. i loooove figs & leaves! it smells wonderful and out of al the lush soaps i've tried, leaves my skin the moisturized the most.



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