October 14, 2009

mini Haul from Brazil {Granado & Dove}

My mini layover in Brazil resulted in a mini-haul. Which is a good thing considering I don't really need much. I was looking for a pair of boots but only Spring items were to be found. Any left over Winter apparel and shoes were in limited supply and not my style. As for Havianas, I have enough to last me...until Summer:) One stop I did make was at the Granado Pharmacy store located in the Jardins area of São Paulo. Granado items can be found at other stores throughout Brazil however with limited selection. I picked up a travel kit with the following items; Calendula lotion, Calendula liquid soap, Sete Ervas Shampoo, and Sete Ervas Conditioner. Aside from the kit I got Gloss Suave lipbalm. My only other purchase was Dove Cream Oil liquid soap, this soap smells completely different than the North American version. So when I have a layover outside of Canada or the U.S I always pick up a bottle of the Dove.
I love the packaging of the Granado items and often give these products out for the Christmas Holidays. The vintage packaging looks so pretty in the bathroom.


  1. I love that image of Granado! And I would really love to be somwhere in Brazil right now or at least where it is warm.

  2. granado is such a great brand!
    in brazil we love it cause they have great products.
    the pink collection is perfect :)
    nice to see it here!

  3. Love this !! Also check out our post on calendula soap - http://fashionableearth.org/blog/2009/10/24/calendula/


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