October 08, 2009

Say goodbye to Dull & hello to Radiance! {Dermaglow Review & Giveaway}

Its that time of year where I change my skincare products in order to reflect the Seasonal changes. With colder and drier weather on the way my skin needs a little help and one line that never disappoints is Dermaglow. I first discovered Dermaglow from a co-worker who had flawless skin. You know that type of colleague...flawless, minimal makeup, always looks fresh & perfect. Being the beauty product junkie that I am and not too shy to ask I had to know what skincare items she used. She mentioned Dermaglow, I had seen this line at Shoppers Drug Mart before but never tried them. This was back in the Spring & since that time I've used several products. I am also fortunate that I was approached by Dermaglow to try out a few products. With that being said I only review products I receive that I like, if no like-y than no review. In this case its a big LIKE!
Since Summer is no longer here neither is my radiant skin, blah! That means time to kick up (or scrub) the exfoliation process a notch. There are two types of exfoliation you can do; either manual and/or using glycolic based products. I like to use a combination of both for maximum results. However, you also don't want to over exfoliate as this can strip your skin, cause irritation, and damage skin if your over doing it. I like to switch it up! For example; if I use a scrub in the morning than I'll do that every-other day or less per week & on alternate nights use a glycolic based product. If you've never used glycolic based products than gently introduce these products into your skincare & as your tolerance increases so can the % of glycolic in the product & frequency.
What I like about Dermaglow products is that they're gentle, non-drying, & non-irritant! I've never had a reaction to any of their products and unlike other glycolic products no redness or itchiness. Onto my faves;

Microdermabrasion Treatment-use this scrub 2-3x a week allowing a minimum of 2 days between treatments. I like to use this in the AM. The micro-magnesium crystals are gentle & fine, no scratchy feel with this scrub. I've noticed an improvement on my nose where I'm prone to blackheads.
Retail price $60
Glycolic 10% Gentle Peel Solution-I use this in the PM on nights I don't use the scrub in the AM. Active ingredients; 10% Glycolic Acid, Bioactive Fruit Acids, moisturizing & soothing Jojoba, Sodium Hyaluronate . This for me is the star of the whole line! If you can't afford to buy the scrub & this solution I'd splurge on this product (ideally both are fantastic). Improvement in skin texture, tone, and dryness.
Retail price $50
Glycolic Smoothing Moisturizer-for those that have flaky & dull skin this moisturizer is for you. I use this in the PM. Its an 8% glycolic based product that helps dehydrated, dull, tired-looking skin. Great for those worried about wrinkles as its active ingredients include; "Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 – Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, evening of skin tone."(dermaglow) I've actual finished my sample & am going to purchase the full-size.
Retail price $40
ADVICE: when using glycolic products use a daytime moisturizer with a sunscreen!
*prices in CDN dollars
Giveaway time!! I'm not going to be all radiant & flawless alone, one lucky reader of my blog will get a chance to receive their own Dermaglow Microdermabrasion kit & a Dermaglow Glycolic Product. Only open to Canadian & US residents, sorry International readers!
(1) In the comment section leave your name & age
(2) Let me know if you've tried Dermaglow products before
(3) Name a favourite scrub and/or glycolic product
Contest ends October 22nd midnight! Goodluck!
(images: dermaglow.ca)


  1. Me, me, me! :)

    1)Nelia-21ish...hehhe...ok, fine...25!
    2)I tried the Dermaglow powdered exfoliant
    3)I love the Clinique scrub! Actually, most of my skincare is Clinique!

  2. Michelle jones 39
    I am using MAC volcanic ash mask and exfoliator for 2 weeks now. I like the results so far. Seems the pores on my nose have become smaller and my skin is much smoother and softer. I enjoy reading your blog and catch up every night before bed.

  3. (1) Rachel-22!
    (2) i've never tried dermaglow products although i keep hearing they're awesome
    (3) my HG scrub is one by Nuskin exfoliater!
    thanks for your reviews -so helpful:)

  4. Ooh! Ooh! (Hand raised) Pick me! Pick me!

    1. Rebekah and I'm 29 years old.

    2. Never tried Dermaglow (hence the urgency of wanting to after your 'glowing' review)

    3. The best 'peel'/exfoliating product and line I've ever tried (but can't bring myself to purchase again because of the $ issue and my bargainista ways) is MD Skincare's Facial Peel.

    Crossing my fingers now (well, not NOW, I have to type this, then I'll cross) ;)

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  5. Halifax, 35
    I never tried Dermaglow before
    I like Elizabeth Arden 3-in-1 daily scrub, gentle enough

  6. Heather Tien 20
    Never tried dermaglow :(. Want to though!
    I like St. Ives Apricot Scrub :)

  7. Hi:
    (1) Manon 35
    (2) i've never tried dermaglow products
    (3) My favorite scrub at the moment is the one from Carita

  8. Michelle - 37
    Never tried Dermaglow before.
    My scrub of choice right now is MAC Volcanic Ash.

  9. thanks for entering! Keep them coming...I've seen a few of my other favourite scrubs. Mac Volcanic ash (tried this when it first came out but want to buy it again). I also like Clinique's 7day Scrub, I'll admit St.Ives too! I just realized I didn't tell you all my age:) 32 yrs old!

  10. 1. Kristy, 27.
    2. I've never tried Dermaglow.
    3. Clearskin Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub.

  11. 1. Andrea~ 25
    2. I have never tried Dermaglow but am very curious now!
    3. I like Origins Modern Friction


  12. 1. Vickie Riddle, 54
    2. I've never had the opportunity to try Dermaglow.
    3. One of my favorites is Artistry essentials polishing scrub.

  13. I'm Melody Lai and i'm 18.
    I have never used dermaglow products before but after i read your review, i would love to try it.
    The scrub that i use is the St. Ives Apricot one for blemishes. I also have the MAC one but i have yet to try that one out.
    Thanks for holding this contest (=
    I'm reallly excited !

  14. 1. Tracey, 49
    2. I've never tried these products.
    3. I use St. Ives Medicated Apricot Facial Scrub daily.

  15. Vickie~40 years old!
    i've never tried dermaglow products
    My favourite scrub product is St.Ives Apricot. Price is good and the result is amazing!

  16. 1. Lisa Higgins - 43! Beauty Junkie my whole Life...
    2. I have never tried Demraglow - but would be very keen to do so!
    3. Use Lancome Exfoliance Clarte.

  17. Hi, Kate--26
    I am using the Dermaglow 10%AHA toner,
    I am wondering if I can use it with the glyolic smoothing moisturizer together at night?
    The Scrub I am using now is Clinique Exfoliator

  18. Hi Kate,
    You can but I prefer alternating, depends on how sensitive your skin is. I actually finished the scrub & sample of the smoothing cream already so just using the toner.

  19. Hi,
    I got a question for the AHA products.
    Can I use the AHA 8% lotion on day time? If I use Sun block on top of it, will I still get sun damage?

    Or should I use it only at night time to be sun safe?

    Thank you.

  20. Hi Jen, I like to use AHA/glycolic products at night & just an SPF as my daytime moisturizer.


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