October 04, 2009

Viva Brasil!

First, Congratulations to Rio de Janeiro in hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics! I'm off to São Paulo Brasil this week for work and I haven't been there in a few months so you know what that means...shopping! On the list; Havaianas (can never have enough), jeans, bikini, check out a few hair products (you can find great stuff), visit one of my favourite apothecary's Granado, and try to find boots...

Brazil's oldest apothecary Granado

amazing prices & fabulous shoes at Banana Price
All these stores are in the Jardim area
I've been thinking of starting a travel blog. How many vote yes or no? Leave a comment!


  1. How gorgeous does that store look??

    The hairdressers.. oh my god. I nearly fainted at the bill. For a color, moisturizing treatment and blow dry it was £400 which is normal for london.

    However looking at the store catalogue i think if you chose a junior stylist its half that price!! xx

  2. wow! That's alot of money in cdn its like $675 even at 1/2 with junior stylist that's alot. I know London is pricey but I didn't think that much. Your hair does look gorgeous so I guess you pay for what you get:)

  3. Cheers From Brazil! It's my beautiful and lively country! We can count not only with colors, warm weather but friendly people! I collect havaianas, there are lots of them in different colors and styles! Just love them! :)

  4. A definite "YES" to a travel blog idea! You fly so much, it's almost a crime if you don't! :)

  5. Nelia- I'll keep the idea open! This blog keeps me so busy I can't imagine what another one would mean. But I'd probably keep more as a photo blog with a few added comments. I'll keep you posted:)

  6. Oh my goooood! I LOVE Granado! It's an amazing brand, but in Porto Alegre they don't sell that many products. If I went to the actual store, I think I might faint, LOL At the moment I'm using their witch-hazel glycerin soap and I must say, I think I'm already seeing better skin after 2 days.
    Get lots of havaianas! I love them too! I must have like 5 pairs and wnat more, hehe.


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