October 27, 2009

Toronto's LG Fashion Week {Backstage Beauty-part deux}

Now this is the place to be for any beauty junkie! I swear I wouldn't even be in the way, just give me an inch & I wouldn't even move. Just to feel the vibe and energy in there must've been crazy, in a good way!

Beauty by L'Oreal Paris backstage beauty "150 cans of Elnett hairspray were used during fashion week" (image:click to go to their facebook page)

Pink Tartan Spring 2010-backstage (pic by Jennifer Campbell via fashionmagazine.com)

Joe Fresh Spring 2010-backstage (pic by Jennifer Campbell via fashionmagazine.com) Jessica Biffi Spring 2010-backstage (pic by Angela Y. Martin via fashionmagazine.com)

(images: fashionmagazine.com & L'Oreal Paris Facebook.com page)


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  2. It's always interesting to read such kind of posts about the looks @the Fashion Weeks. Thank you :)


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