October 27, 2009

Toronto's LG Fashion Week {Recap-part1}

Although most want to be seated front-row I know exactly where I'd be...backstage where all the action is at! What could be more fun than watching the Pros do their thing, hair & makeup. Alas I didn't attend any shows except for an invite to Dress to Kill's magazine launch but I left early when someone "stole" my cheese platter from my booth & realized I didn't want to mingle with rats. Is that so bad of me to write? But honestly who takes the cheese platter from someone else's table and runs, ok so I didn't own the chesse platter but is it not for sharing? Its not that I don't like to share & mingle but why not seat with me & my guest, I don't bite. I realized at that point I didn't really want to stay & make small talk. Although upon leaving I met an employee of the magazine who happened to be really cool but by this point I had my coat on. If I had only met her upon arriving I probably would've stayed & chatted.

Look-out for my backstage beauty faves tonight when I get to finishing my posts. Note to self!bring a mouse trap next time:)



  1. Oh noo! Nobody messes with my food! :) Sorry about your cheese, Mon!

    The mag was ok, a few interesting articles, but the cover definitely needs to be re-worked. The other shoots within the pages were much better than the Jerry Hall ones. My opinion :) Plus, it looks like the magazine's name is Kill. Hmmm...

  2. Yes, Kill is the short form but it states Dress to Kill on the side of the mag & site. However, I think Kill would be a better choice, short & "sweet". Yeah, I wasn't too thrilled with the cover. Although, the Montreal version Summer 2009 was a nice cover. Its sort of reminds me of travel magazines you find in the backseat pouches of low-cost airlines.


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