November 03, 2009

Is that Vintage or just Old? {The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping}

Have you ever gone vintage shopping only to discover that you don't know what to look for? I have. In The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping, vintage clothing dealer Melody Fortier helps you thru the process of buying vintage. Fortier has created a cute little handbook that is easy to read, lovely to look at, and easy to carry. I own very few vintage pieces because quite frankly I know very little about labels and value of items. Of the few pieces I own; Gucci purses and a few silk YSL scarves, were the only items that I was able to distinguish quality and price. To this day I can spot an authentic vintage Gucci purse from a mile away, and although I only own three I plan on adding more to my collection. I'm also a fan of bakelite jewellery! Aside from that I've always been sceptical of buying other items because I wasn't sure what to look for. OK so I'm not exactly clueless but this handbook surely helped. My favourite is Chapter 6 Labels & Pricing; labels because they're like a garment's birth certificate and price because basically you don't want to get ripped off $. If vintage shopping is one of your pasttimes check out The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping, you might learn a few things.
To learn more about the author Melody Fortier check out her vintage store, Tangerine Boutique and her blog! You can order The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping from her site here or Quirk Books.

How many of you enjoy vintage shopping? Do you own any vintage pieces? And what are your favourite vintage shops?
{Thank you to Quirk Books for my copy}

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