November 03, 2009

You've got Mail {Swap goodies}

There's nothing better than getting home and finding a package on your entry-way table. Better yet when its a swap package! I used to swap on makeupalley ages ago and stopped (not because of any bad experience because others have been swaplifted) but mainly because of time. A few weeks ago the gorgeous UK blogger Tali from the GlossGoss mentioned she wanted LUSH Pumpkin Soap and I had a couple on hand and decided to send her one. She mentioned lets do a swap, what a great idea! Unfortunately she hasn't received my package yet (she mentioned there's a mail strike in the UK) I received hers. She sent some really nice items:
Barry M lipsticks (yay! as I've been wanted to try this brand) shades in #100 (a bright bubble-gum pastel pink colour) & #62 (a bright Barbie fuchsia pink colour)
Revlon Matte Lipstick in #002 Pink Pout
The Body Shop lipstick #66 (a tangerine sheer colour)
Illamasqua Shimmer Cream in Eternal
Boots #17 Instant Glow Bronzing Pearls in Light
Boots Vanishing Rose Face Cream (loving this!)
samples of Fresh Soy Face cleanser
sample of Korres face cream

Thank you Tali! Can't wait for you to get my package.

Have any of you ever done a swap? Share your experiences in my comment section.



  1. So glad it arrived.. i was scared they would open it ecause thats happened before!! Enjoy honny! :)x

  2. I've done a few as you know! It's a lot of fun. I LOVE the UK brands - Barry M, Illamasqua, Sleek etc. Wish we had the products here.

  3. Swap is a really fun thing to do. I've done it twice, got stuff that I can't normally get in Canada. Love it :-)

  4. I depend on swapping to get cosmetics from the US. It's just so much more convenient. western cosmetic brands are scarce and expensive in Malaysia.

  5. Okay - can someone enlighten me on the whole concept of swapping? You swap only un-opened, un-used products, yes? Or stuff you've actually tried and decided you don't want?

  6. Hi Michelle,
    Yes you can swap unused or used items. But with used items it depends, I don't swap for items like mascara, etc...items that I can't disinfect. They're items that may be on someone's wishlist that basically didn't work for them or just items that you think someone may like due to brand. Does that answer your question? Let me know!

  7. Ok, that makes sense! I've only ever heard of swapping on makeup alley... where else do you find potential swappers?

  8. Hi Michelle,
    I've only swapped on MUA! This was my first time with a blogger, a few are bloggers are swapping. Not sure if I'll make a habit of it but I'm open to the idea.:)


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