February 18, 2010

in case your in Spain {BAZAAR is coming to a magazine stand near you}

If your a fan of Harper's BAZAAR magazine as I am but live in Spain you'll be happy to know that Hearst Magazines International along with SPAINMEDIA is launching BAZAAR Spain. Supermodel Carmen Kass graces the cover of the premiere March 2010 issue. I love international magazines so I'm looking forward in grabbing one and practising my Spanish!
“Harper’s Bazaar is a world-class fashion magazine and we are confident that it will appeal to stylish, sophisticated Spanish women,” said Andrés Rodriguez, CEO and founder, SPAINMEDIA. “With the success of men’s magazine Esquire, which we launched in 2007, we’ve seen that global magazine brands truly resonate in our country.”
Harper’s Bazaar is a fashion resource for stylish women around the world, with editions in 31 countries outside the U.S. , including Australia , China , Mexico , Singapore , Russia , the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates .
“There are fashionable women all over the world and our goal is to reach as many of them as possible with the Bazaar brand,” said Edwards. “In the past few years, we’ve launched Bazaar in Romania , Dubai and India and hope to continue to expand into other markets. We’re very pleased to be entering Spain and have high hopes for Harper’s Bazaar’s success there.” (source: hearstmagazines)
Anyone else love reading foreign magazines? Even if I can't read the language I love looking at fashion and beauty trends from around the world.
(image: Harper'sBazaar, hearst.com)


  1. http://yonomeaburro.blogspot.com/2010/02/harpers-bazaar-espana-marzo-2010-carmen.html

  2. Hi! I'm from Madrid and love reading magazines.
    I bought Harper's Bazaar today, and yes! I love buying magazines from other countries, like Vogue, Elle & Glamour especially.



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