February 17, 2010

mini beauty haul {from Colombia}

With the hot weather in Medellin Colombia being over 30c my skin went into overdrive! Coming from a dry and cold climate it was only natural that my skin would get oily so I wanted to try a product that I could use in the Summer months here in Canada too. I purchased AnaMaria skincare products from a natural health store, on the list Eye Cream and Cucumber Facial Cream. Of the two products I love the eye cream, although I couldn't use eye cream near the eye I dabbed a bit on my brow bone and below the eye area. Love that it has calendula and vitamin E. Feels refreshing and soothing! As for the Cucumber Facial Cream, not my favourite. Although it states it's for Oily-Combination skin I found this better suited for dry skin. So I'm actually using this now that I'm back in Canada. Not my favourite product here either as its very thick, not sure if I'll continue with it.
I fell in love with these neutral nailpolishes from Ghem and Masglo, ok so the third nailpolish (shade Preciosa) doesn't look that neutral but its actually sheer so it just gives a hint of colour to your nails.
Have any of you used any of the above products or heard of them? Anyone else love buying beauty products during their travels?


  1. the nailpolish looks beautiful. I am really into soft pastel colours lately and these looks so pretty and dainty

  2. No i havent tried them. Yes i do - i fall for anything in a pretty bottle ! x


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