March 24, 2010

Forever Young {Spring 2010}

What is the cut off age to shop at Forever21? Being that I'm in my early thirties I sometimes feel a little ackward when I'm in the fitting rooms of such stores when I hear squeals of excitement from the teens in the rooms next to mine. But I also have a chuckle when I think of the money I'm saving on basic fashion pieces that I otherwise don't think I'll wear forever either. And to be honest Forever 21 has some really cute trendy stuff, the fabric is pretty good too, if you know how to choose. Tip: their Twelve by Twelve Collection is a must to check out!
Question is, when is it too old to shop at stores like Forever21? Is there a cut-off age?
Items purchased: the dress in the top pic and the two items on the bottom



  1. There is no cut off age when it comes to looking fabulous so why should there be a cut off age when it comes to shopping at fabulous places? :)

  2. I'v thought about it too and Iv come up with the decision, that as long as the clothes fit properly there's no cut off age! :)

  3. I love your website, I just discovered it today :)

    I don't think there is a cut off age at all, there was even a video by a comedian, not sure if it was Russell Peters or not...but he said that no one who shops there is 21 anyway ! I'm 19 so...8-) it's a great store, shop there while you can!!

  4. I will agree that there is no cut off age, although they probably target to 21 year olds and around that age group. ;)


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