March 24, 2010

get Glowing {SK-II Cellumination Essence}

This March SK-II launched an exciting new series of products called Cellumination, loaded with SK-II exclusive ingredients. The new SK-II Cellumination line:
SK-II Cellumination Series is a next-generation skincare ritual to help brighten the complexion. Both products help to condition skins surface cells to impart both evenness and radiance.
SK-II Cellumination Essence Hydrating Serum was developed with key ingredients Centella asiatica extract, Nicotinamide W and Pitera, which is singular blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that works together infuse the skin’s surface with essential moisture, while providing radiance.
SK-II Cellumination Cream Illuminating Moisturizer is an intensive daily moisture gel. Designed to provide superior hydration, while instantly illuminating the complexion.(

I'm in the process of testing out the SK-II Cellumination Essence Hydrating Serum and will report soon! When I'm in the process of trying out sincare I make sure to use it for a good few weeks, in order to provide the most honest review based on my experiences. I will add that the SK-II Cellumination Essence is very different from any other product I've tried thus far, and am excited with the findings of the research from this product. A co-worker of mine swears by SK-II and from my experience with the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (which I've finished & must get another one) I can add so far so good!
The SK-II Cellumination Series is available as of March 2010 at select Saks Fifth Avenue & Bloomingdales or check out SK-II.
(image: disclaimer: no promtional commission is being paid, upcoming review is based on my own personal experiences and not influenced by outside sources.

Edit: My review...

The Sk-II Cellumination Essence smoothed out my skin however I didn't notice any glowing effect or natural radiance. This product actually works well as a primer but I wasn't thrilled with its hydrating effects. For me I much prefer the SK-II Essence Water over this product.



  1. oooh exciting, i have heard nothing but great things about SK-II, except for the price... =(

  2. Can't wait to read your review on this product, keep us posted!

  3. please keep it coming. Might buy this product in the future. Still doing my research


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