March 10, 2010

getting ready for Spring time with help from Mango

Earlier today I posted a few Fall/Winter 2010 looks but now its time to Spring boyfriend says that I don't wear enough skirts and dresses so I surfed the net and found a few at one of my favourite stores, Mango.  I see a pattern here...jean & blue.

Have any of you started your Spring/Summer wardrobe shopping?(images:


  1. I am in desperate need of some spring shopping! I just hate trying on clothes and searching for things. It's such a pain!

  2. I love the second outfit (with the red trim. It looks like something Rachel Bilson would wear. So cute!

    I have a reunion coming up in June - so I want to get some cute clothes before then...but I haven't started shopping yet.

  3. I have not started nay kind of shopping yet. I will soon. I am just not that motivated yet! Your post has given me that little kick in the ass...Thank you!

  4. wow I never knew blues could look so lovely :)


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